Mulla Nasruddin is the most famous humorous character in Turkey and probably all Islamic countries. He is said to have been born in a village called Horto in Turkey in the year 1207 and settled in the medieval town of Aksehir in the year 1237 where he died in 1285 AD. In Turkish, he is known as Nasruddin Hoza or Khoja. But in other countries, they have different names, such as Nasruddin, Avanti, Atanti, Apanti, Rumelia ka Joha, etc. Khoja, with a long beard and a big turban, is such a character, who roams the country on his slender donkey.

In today's post, we are sharing some stories of Mulla Nasruddin. I hope you like these stories.

Mullah Nasruddin Stories for Kids

Mullah Nasruddin Stories for Kids

Mullah Nasruddin: Milk for the Maula

Mullah Nasruddin: What clever people do?

Mullah Nasruddin: The man on the tree

Mullah Nasruddin at Tea Shop

Mulla Nasruddin and The Soup of the Soup

Mullah Nasruddin and the Trial

Mullah Nasruddin: The guarantee

Mullah Nasruddin: Are you asleep?

Mullah Nasruddin and the People’s Judgement

Mullah Nasruddin and The Guest of Honour

Mullah Nasruddin: Honest Smuggler

Mullah Nasruddin: The Donkey’s Relatives

Mullah Nasruddin: The crowded home

Mullah Nasruddin: Milk for the Maula

One day Mulla Nasruddin was going somewhere when he met a man who was carrying a large milk can. The man wished Mulla Nasruddin and said, “Mullaaji, I have a problem. Would you be kind enough to provide me a solution?” Mullaa Nasruddin willingly consented to hear him out as he was eyeing his big container of milk.

The man said, “Whenever I get up in the morning, I feel intoxicated. My head spins around and I feel as if I have a hangover. I don’t understand what could be the problem.”

Mullaa Nasruddin asked, “Hmm! This is a serious problem, indeed! Let me think. What do you generally eat or drink before you go to sleep?”

The man said, “I drink a big glass of milk.”

The Mullaa said, “Now, I have found your problem! The milk that you drink in the night causes the intoxication.”

The gullible man asked, “How is that, Mullaaji?”

Mullaa explained to him, “You drink milk before sleeping. In your sleep, when you toss in your bed, the milk gets churned. It turns into butter. When butter gets churned, it turns into fat. Fat gets churned, it turns into sugar. Then the sugar gets churned and turns into alcohol. So, finally you wake up with alcohol in your stomach in the morning, and that is why you feel intoxicated.”

“So what do I do?” asked the man in simplicity.

The clever Mullaa said, “The solution of your problem is very simple. Don’t drink milk! Here, give it to me.” Mullaa took away the milk can from the man and walked away from there.

The poor man stood there bewildered.

Mullah Nasruddin: What clever people do?

One fine morning, Mullah Nasruddin was wandering around a lake. The cool breeze was creating ripples on the surface of the water. Green grass and algae grew on the fringes of the lake. The air was filled with birds chirping.

Mullah Nasruddin sat down beside the lake, enjoying nature around him. He collected small pebbles around him and started tossing them in the water, causing more ripples in the water. The fish in the water darted around, trying to avoid the pebbles. Mullah was lost in thought, when he heard ducks quacking. He looked up to see a flock of ducks swimming close by in the lake.

Mullah thought to himself, “It would be nice to catch a duck or two for dinner.”

He got up and started wading in the water to get closer to the ducks. Mullah was very excited, as he thought about the duck soup he was going to enjoy. The ducks saw Mullah approaching and moved away. But, Mullah kept moving towards them, determined to have his duck and eat it too!

Mullah lunged towards them and the ducks flew away. A surprised Mullah slipped and went under the surface of the water. As he tried to gulp in some air to breathe, he gulped in water, instead. He finally emerged out of the lake, coughing and sat down on the shore.

he was determined to try to catch a duck or two, again. Even though I have failed the first time, I will try again. I shouldn’t lose hope. But the ducks were more cautious this time and had a different plan.

All the ducks were gathered at the centre of the lake and were not moving an inch. As Mullah Nasruddin had no option, he got into the lake and moved to the centre of the lake. But then, the ducks moved to the opposite corner. After several failed attempts, he got tired, and lay down on the lake side, to dry himself off and catch his breath.

After some time, he got up He sat down, by the lakeside again and opened his bag and took out a roll of bread. He dipped the bread in the water and began to eat it.

Some people from the village close by were walking past the lake when they saw Mullah dipping his bread in the lake and eating it.

A man asked, “Mullah, what are you doing?”

Mullah replied, “I am having Duck Soup.”

The man looked at Mullah asked bemused, “Duck Soup?”

The people in the crowd looked at each other. Mullah looked at their confusion and laughed and answered, “That is what clever people do. One who accepts what he or she has, is always happy.”

Mullah Nasruddin: The man on the tree

One day, a man climbed up a tree. While climbing up, he did not realise how tall the tree actually was and kept climbing up. On reaching the top, when the man looked down, he realised that climbing down from the tree would not be as easy as climbing up. He could not think of any way of getting down without injuring himself seriously.

He asked the people who were passing by to help him. But nobody could think of a way of bringing him down safely. Soon, quite a few people gathered around the tree and tried to help the man, but no one knew what to do. The man remained stuck on top of the tree.

Just then, Nasruddin, who was walking by, saw this scene and wondered what was going on. The people standing around the tree told Nasruddin about the situation. “Oh!” Nasruddin said, “I’ll get him down in no time.” He took a long rope and threw one end of it up to the man telling him to tie the rope around his waist.

Everyone wondered what Nasruddin’s plan was. When one of them asked him, Nasruddin replied, “Just leave it to me. It’s a foolproof plan.”

When the man on the tree had tied the rope tightly around his waist, Nasruddin pulled the rope with all his force. As soon as Nasruddin did this, the man fell down from the tree and hurt himself badly. The bystanders were shocked at this. They turned to Nasruddin and asked, “What were you thinking? What kind of a silly plan was that?”

Nasruddin replied, “Well, once I did exactly the same thing and saved someone’s life.”

One man asked him, “Is that true?”

“Absolutely!” replied Nasruddin, “The only thing I cannot remember is whether I saved him from a tree or from a well.”

Mullah Nasruddin at Tea Shop

Mullah Nasruddin was sitting at his favourite tea shop and having his daily tea.

A twelve years old boy, came running through the door, and went directly towards the Mullah and knocked his beautiful cap off his head. The mischievous boy ran away, leaving Mullah surprised. Mullah Nasruddin remained quiet about the boy’s prank. He picked up his cap, and put it back on.

The next day, the same thing happened again. Mullah didn’t react this time either. Although this happened several times, Mullah Nasruddin remained unaffected. The boy thought his prank was amusing and repeated it daily. Mullah would patiently dust his cap and put it back on, every time.

One day, Mullah’s friend questioned him about the daily incident. “Why don’t you punish that naughty boy? He is behaving so badly with you. How can you not get angry?”

“It is useless,” Mullah replied.

One day, Mullah reached the tea shop a bit late. When he reached there, he saw a tall, well built soldier sitting at his favourite place already. Wishing to avoid trouble, Mullah sat on another chair.

In a while, the mischievous boy appeared and ran straight to Mullah’s usual place. He knocked his cap off his head and started to run away. The poor unfortunate boy, in his hurry didn’t realise that it was the soldier and not Mullah Nasruddin, having tea. The soldier spilt his tea and got angry. He caught and lifted him.

Mullah Nasruddin turned to his friend and said, “Now, do you understand, why I was patient?”

It’s always better to Wait for the right time!

Mulla Nasruddin and The Soup of the Soup

The fame of Mullah Nasruddin had spread far and wide and people were keen to meet him. One such person decided to visit him, carrying a big basket of fresh vegetables from his farm as a gift.

Pleased by the respect shown to him and the generosity of his visitor, Mullah asked him to dine at home and invited him to stay as a guest for the night.

The visitor returned to his village well-fed and well-rested. He told all his neighbours about the hospitality of the famed Mullah Nasruddin.

A few days later, there was a knock at Mullah’s door and a couple stood outside. When asked who they were, they replied with big smiles, “Oh great sir! We heard about your fame from our neighbour – the man who visited you carrying the big basket of vegetables! We heard of your hospitality and wanted to visit you for ourselves.”

Flattered by all of the compliments, Mullah invited the couple to stay for dinner and fed them a lavish meal. He also invited them to stay as his guests for the night. They left the next day, satiated and happy.

A week later, a group of people appeared at his door. They said, “We heard all about your wonderful generosity from our friends! We are the neighbours’ neighbours of the man who brought you the big basket of vegetables.”

Mullah realized all his hospitality was being taken advantage of and it had to stop. With a smile on his face, he invited the new set of guests into his house, offering them dinner.

The visitors gladly sat down to eat Mullah’s infamous home-cooked meal. Their mouths fell open with a shock when Mullah placed a bowl of hot water in front of each one of them.

“Oh guest, please begin! This is the soup of the soup of the vegetables your neighbour gave me!”

The guests quietly left his house, while Mullah smiled to himself.

Mullah Nasruddin and the Trial

Mullah Nasruddin’s wife was worried that her husband didn’t earn a living. This caused her a lot of stress. She thought her husband, like other husbands should work and earn a living for the family.

As she usually did, she started questioning the husband again, which soon became an argument.

Wife angrily said, “Why can’t you be like normal husbands and do some work and earn a living?”

“Dear Wife, I am worker of the Almighty God. How can I do another job?” replied Mullah.

“Dearest Husband, maybe you can then ask your God to give you something in return for your service,” retorted his wife.

Answered Mullah calmly, “Dearest Wife! You are right. I hadn’t thought of asking God for any returns for my service. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t give me anything.”

“Ohh, then please go and ask your almighty God for some return for your service”, the wife grumbled.

Mullah Nasruddin went to the garden near his house. He sat down on the ground and opened his arms, looking towards the sky.

He said loudly, “Oh God, since I am your humble and devoted servant, will you give me a 100 gold coins for my devotion towards you?”

Mullah’s neighbour, Ahmed was in the balcony and he heard this. He decided to play a prank on Mullah. He threw a bag full of 100 gold coins towards Mullah.

A shocked and surprised Mullah opened the bag to find a 100 gold coins in the bag. He got up and went home with the bag. He called his wife and showed her the bag and said, “See! I am such a good devotee of the Almighty that he gave me a 100 gold coins.”

His wife happily took out a coin from the bag and went to the market.

Seeing Mullah’s wife shopping, their neighbour Ahmed’s wife, grew suspicious. She had a word with Ahmed about this. Ahmed stormed into Mullah Nasruddin’s house and angrily demanded his 100 gold coins back. Mullah remarked back, “How dare you ask for my gold coins? I know you overheard me when I asked the Almighty God for the gold coins.”

“I should sue you in court for justice” an angry Ahmed replied.

Mullah pleadingly, “My friend Ahmed! I am a poor man. I don’t have any good clothes or even means to travel. The judge will surely trust you more.” A resigned Ahmed, gave Mullah Nasruddin his jacket and horse too! They went to the court.

At the court, the judge listened to Ahmed’s complaint. He turned to Mullah and asked him, “Do you want to say anything?’

“My neighbour Ahmed is completely mad”, replied Mullah.

The judge asked Mullah if he had any proof.

“Yes”, replied Mullah.

“Well he assumes, everything I own is his. First it’s the gold coins, then it’s the jacket, then it’s the horse,” replied Mullah.

The judge asked “Is this true Ahmed?”

Ahmed was very upset and angry on hearing this. He replied angrily to the judge, “Yes!”

The judge looks at both of them and said, “There is no point to Ahmed’s complaint. You can both leave.”

Well now, do you think Ahmed’s prank on Mullah was worth it?

Mullah Nasruddin: The guarantee

One day, Nasruddin was at the king’s court when the king turned to him and said, “Mulla Nasruddin, you are always boasting about your wisdom and cleverness. So tell me, can you teach your donkey how to read?”

Nasruddin replied, “Of course! That’s quite an easy task.”

“I don’t believe you,” said the king.

“I mean it and I can prove it to you,” said Nasruddin.

The king said, “Would you take it on as a challenge, then?”

“Absolutely,” replied Nasruddin. “If you give me fifty thousand dollars right now, I guarantee that by the end of eight years, I will have taught my donkey how to read.”

The king said, “Fine, I agree. But my condition is that if the donkey is unable to read by then, I will have you put in prison where you will be tortured every day.”

Both of them agreed to this deal and Nasruddin left for home.

The next day, Nasruddin told his friend about what had happened at the king’s court. His friend said, “Nasruddin, how could you ever agree to such an impossible task? You cannot even control your donkey enough to make it stand still, and now you have guaranteed that in eight years you would have taught him how to read? There is no way you can escape that prison sentence.”

“Relax,” replied Nasruddin calmly. “Eight years is a long time, my friend! By then, our king will probably be dead or he will not be in power anymore. And even if he is still the king at the end of eight years, chances are that my donkey would be dead by then. Worse come to worse, if by the end of seven years, both the king and my donkey are alive, I will still have one whole year to devise a plan to escape punishment.

Mullah Nasruddin: Are you asleep?

Once, Mulla Nasruddin was lying on his bed with his eyes closed when his brother-in-law approached him. ‘Are you asleep?” the brother-in-law asked Nasruddin. Nasruddin replied, “Why? What is it?”

The brother-in-law said, “I wanted a loan of three hundred dollars. I was wondering if you could lend me the money.”

Nasrudin replied, “Oh, in that case, let us return to your first question, ‘Are you asleep?’ and the answer to that is ‘Yes, I am asleep’ so go away and don’t bother me.”

Mullah Nasruddin and the People’s Judgement

One day, Mullah Nasruddin and his son were travelling to the next town. Nasruddin preferred to walk while his son rode the donkey. On the way, they passed a group of bystanders, and a man remarked, “Look, that selfish boy is riding on a donkey while his poor old father is forced to walk alongside. That is so disrespectful. What a horrible and spoiled child!”

Nasruddin’s son felt embarrassed, so he got off the donkey and asked Nasruddin to get on it instead.  His son started walking beside him and the donkey. Soon they passed another group of people. “Oh, that’s detestable!” one of them exclaimed. “That poor young boy has to walk while his abusive father rides the donkey! That horrible man should be ashamed of himself for the way he’s treating his son. What a heartless parent!”

Nasruddin was upset to hear this. He wanted to avoid anybody else’s scorn, so he decided to have both himself and his son ride the donkey at the same time. As they both rode, they passed another group of people. “That man and his son are so cruel,” one bystander said. “Just look at how they are forcing that poor donkey to bear the weight if two people. They should be put in jail for their despicable act. What scoundrels!”

Nasruddin heard this and told his son, “I guess the only way we can avoid being ridiculed by anyone, is for both of us to walk.”

“I suppose you are right,” the son replied.

So they got off the donkey and continued on foot. But as they passed another group of people, they heard them laughing. “Ha, ha, ha,” the group laughed rudely. “Look at those two fools. They are so stupid that both of them are walking under this scorching hot sun and neither of them is riding the donkey! What morons!”

Moral – Well, If you keep doing what other people want, neither would you be happy nor will they stop judging you.

Mullah Nasruddin and The Guest of Honour

It was a busy day in the village. Mullah Nasruddin was out for his evening stroll, with his donkey, when he chanced upon a huge gathering of people outside the town hall.

He turned to a person in the crowd and asked him. “What is happening here?”

The person replied, “I don’t know, but some very important people from all over the country and some neighbouring countries have also come.”

“Oh!”, exclaimed Mullah, “Let me find out.”

Mullah Nasruddin walked to the entrance and tried to enter unnoticed.

The guard standing at the town hall’s big doorway stopped and asked him, “Sir, please let me know your name. I cannot allow common people to enter. Some very important people have come here today.”

Mullah looked at the guard and said, “Sir, I am here to deliver an important message for some very important people.”

The guard looked at Mullah Nasruddin suspiciously.

“Sir, please let me in. It is an important message and I cannot tell you whom it is for.”

“No sir, I cannot allow you inside, without knowing whom you want to meet”, replied the guard.

“Sir, please let me in. I will only go inside for a few moments and come out. Here, you can hold my donkey, while I go in.” answered Mullah.

Reluctantly, the guard allowed him inside.

Mullah Nasruddin entered a formal reception area and seated himself at the foremost elegant chair.

The Chief of the Guard approached and said: “Sir, those places are reserved for guests of honour.”

“Oh, I am more than a mere guest,”replied Nasruddin confidently.

“Oh, so are you a diplomat?”, asked the Guard doubtfully.

Answered Mullah, “Far more than that!”

“Really? So you are a minister, perhaps?” the Guard asked again.

“No, bigger than that too”, replied Mullah.

“Oho! So you must be the King himself, sir?” asked the Chief sarcastically.

“Higher than that!” asnswered Mullah, cheekily.

“What?! Are you higher than the King?! Nobody is higher than the King in this village!”

“Now you have it. I am nobody!” said Nasruddin.

Moral of the story – “One cannot be successful or happy in life without a humble but reasonable confidence in oneself.”

Mullah Nasruddin: Honest Smuggler

Nasruddin the smuggler was leading a donkey that had bundles of straw on its back. An experienced border inspector spotted Nasruddin coming to his border.

“Halt,” the inspector said. “What is your business here?”

“I am an honest smuggler!” replied Nasruddin.

“Oh, really?” said the inspector. “Well, let me search those straw bundles. If I find something in them, you are required to pay a border fee!”

“Do as you wish,” Nasruddin replied, “but you will not find anything in those bundles.”

The inspector intensively searched and took apart the bundles, but could not find a single thing in them. He turned to Nasruddin and said, “I suppose you have managed to get one by me today. You may pass the border.”

Nasruddin crossed the border with his donkey while the annoyed inspector looked on. And then the very next day, Nasruddin once again came to the border with a straw-carrying donkey. The inspector saw Nasruddin coming and thought, “I’ll get him for sure this time.”

He checked the bundles of straw again, and then searched through the Nasruddin’s clothing, and even went through the donkey’s harness. But once again he came up empty handed and had to let Nasruddin pass.

This same pattern continued every day for several years, and every day Nasruddin wore more and more extravagant clothing and jewelry that indicated he was getting wealthier. Eventually, the inspector retired from his longtime job, but even in retirement he still wondered about the man with the straw-carrying donkey.

“I should have checked that donkey’s mouth more extensively,” he thought to himself. “Or maybe he hid something in the donkey’s rectum.”

Then one day he spotted Nasruddin’s face in a crowd. “Hey,” the inspector said, “I know you! You are that man who came to my border everyday for all those years with a donkey carrying straw. Please, sir, I must talk to you.”

Nasruddin came towards him and the inspector continued talking. “My friend, I always wondered what you were smuggling past my border everyday. Just between you and me, you must tell me. I must know. What in the world were you smuggling for all those years? I must know!”

Nasruddin simply replied, “donkeys.”

Mullah Nasruddin: The Donkey’s Relatives

One day Nasruddin Hodjaa loaded a heavy bag of vegetables on his donkey and set out for the market to sell them. After walking a small distance, the donkey stopped and refused to budge an inch from his place. Nasruddin Hodjaa was in a hurry; at first he coaxed the donkey to start but when he did not respond to his persuasive words, he started beating it.

Soon, many people gathered around them. One man asked Hodjaa, “Why are you beating this poor animal?” Another man said, “You are a merciless man who is beating a speechless animal.” The third man said, “You must be arrested and flogged for beating this poor creature.”

Hodjaa was enraged on hearing the people’s continuous comments and he said to the donkey, “If I knew that you had so many relatives around, I would have never beaten you. I can see that you have a large family here.”

Hearing this, the people sheepishly went their way, leaving Hodjaa with his donkey.

Mullah Nasruddin: The crowded home

One day, Mulla Nasruddin was talking to his neighbour. The neighbour was looking so miserable that Nasruddin asked him what was bothering him. The man started to complain about the lack of space in his house and said, “It is such a small house, Mulla. And me, my wife, my three children and my mother-in-law–all have to live together in the same little cottage. It is very cramped and there is hardly any space to move around.” He asked Nasruddin for some advice on how to deal with this problem.

Nasruddin said, “Do you keep chickens in the yard?” “Yes, ten of them,” replied the man. “Good. Bring them inside the house and keep them there,” said Nasruddin. “But, Mulla!” the man exclaimed. “My house is already overcrowded.” “Just do as I say,” Nasruddin replied.

The man was really very troubled and wanted to find a solution to his problem. He decided to give the Mulla’s advice a try. So the man went home and brought all the chickens into the house. Next day, he went to meet Nasruddin again. He said, “Mulla, I followed your advice and took the chickens into the house. But it did not solve anything. In fact, it has made matters worse. My house is even more cramped now.

“I see,” said Nasruddin. ” Now take your donkey and keep it inside your house. The man did not think much of this idea but Nasruddin managed to convince him to do it.

The next day, the man came to Nasruddin, looking very distressed, and said,”Now, it’s six humans , ten chickens and a donkey inside my house. It is so crowded that one can hardly move.” Nasruddin replied, “You own a goat too, don’t you?” “Yes, I do,” said the man. “Great,” Nasruddin said. “Take it inside the house too.” The man objected, “How is that going to solve anything?” but Nasruddin once again convinced him to do as he had said.

The next day, the man walked up to Nasruddin in a state of anger and distress and said, “Your plan has made our lives miserable. The house is now so crowded that we are finding it difficult to even breathe. My family is upset and everyone is complaining about the lack of space.”

“Don’t get so upset, friend,” said Nasruddin. “Go back home and take all the animals back outside.” The man did as he was told.

Next day, when the man came across Nasruddin, he was beaming. He said, “I must thank you, Mulla! Your plan has worked wonders. Now that all the animals are outside, there is enough space in the house for all the family members. Everyone is happy and content with the house now.”

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