The Donkey’s Brain Story

The Donkey’s Brain Story

Once there lived a lion in the forest. He had a jackal as his hunting partner. The two of them went together to hunt. The lion used to kill the animals. And the jackal got his share for helping the lion then and there.

One day the lion fell sick. So he didn’t go out for the hunt. But he was extremely hungry. So he called the jackal and said. ‘Dear friend. I am extremely hungry but I’m too sick to hunt. So, you have to help me with some food.’

The obedient jackal went off in search of a prey immediately. After roaming for a while, at last, he found a donkey. He went up to him and said, ‘Hello Donkey Sir! The king of the forest is looking for an intelligent minister for his cabinet. He has heard about you from somewhere. So he has sent me to ask if you would like to join his cabinet as a minister.’ The foolish donkey was too happy to hear this. And could not think of the conspiracy behind it. He immediately said yes and started following the jackal. Soon he was in front of the lion. The lion took no time and killed him at once.

But before eating, the lion felt thirsty. He said to the jackal, ‘Take care of the donkey. I will return in no time after drinking some water.’

As soon as the lion left. The jackal started eating the brain of the donkey. When the lion returned he found the donkey’s brain was missing.

He asked the jackal in an angry tone. ‘Where is the donkey’s brain?’

The jackal answered sheepishly, ‘Your majesty if he had had the brain he wouldn’t have come here?

Moral of the Story - A small thought can save your life at times. Had the jackal not given a convincing answer, lion probably would have killed the jackal thinking, he ate the brain.

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