The Monkey’s Justice Story

The Monkey’s Justice Story

It was the aftermath of a big festival when two cats named Kali and Bali were sitting together and talking. After some time, they departed and went home. While returning Kali saw a big piece of chapatti. So he mewed. The other cat, Bali heard it and came to pick up the chapatti. Kali told her to stay away from it and they started quarreling for the chapatti.

Just then a monkey was passing by. He saw them and thought what foolish cats they were. He went near them and said, “Don’t fight for this silly thing.” I will help you to solve this matter. I will cut this chapatti into two equal parts so that you can share. He cut it and weighed it, then shook his head and said, ‘Oh no, one part is bigger than another one.’ He took a bite from the big piece and again weighed it. Now that piece became smaller than the other. So he again took bite from the bigger one. He took a bite each time from the pieces until the whole chapatti was finished.

Poor cats Kali and Bali were just looking at the monkey and they had to walk away empty handed. Next day they decided that they will always behave friendly with each other because they understood that monkey took advantage of their foolishness and they will not repeat it.

Moral: When you quarrel with someone without reason, someone else gains.

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